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Author: Matthew Qvortrup
ISBN-10: 071565182X
ISBN-13: 9780715651827
File format:
Size: 671,65 kB
Release date: 09 Mar 2017

The illuminating and in-depth biography of Angela Merkel, using exclusive new sources and research to tell how the daughter of a clergyman from East Germany rose to become arguably the most powerful politician in Europe. Angela Merkel is an extraordinary woman: born a pastor’s daughter, she earned a doctorate in Quantum Chemistry and, despite having no political experience, succeeded in becoming the first female German Chancellor. She has transformed German and European politics- her achievements at home and abroad have seen her top the Forbes Most Powerful Women list ten times- and she is still going strong after more than a decade in office. Her trajectory is fascinating and impressive, but how has she done it? What drives her? Understanding Merkel is essential for anyone with an eye on in current affairs, especially with Brexit on the horizon. This is the life story of a truly remarkable personality, based on more than a decade’s worth of study and original archival research. It explores the cultural, historical and political influences that shaped Merkel’s character, and combines the narrative of her life with a lively account of the history of Germany from 1945 to the present more

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