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Author: Lord Colin Renfrew
ISBN-10: 0500290210
ISBN-13: 9780500290217
File format:
Release date: 03 May 2012

This is the sixth edition of the bestselling introduction to archaeology, printed in full colour for the first time, with hundreds of photographs and diagrams. It has been given the most thorough updating and reorganization since it was first published, providing coverage of all the major developments in archaeological method, science, technology and theory. It explores new discoveries such as Neanderthal DNA, the Frome Hoard and the Staffordshire hoard, new theories about the meaning of Stonehenge and the nature of Maya territories. It also features a new extensive case study on the field project at Upper Mangrove Creek, Australia. A new chapter on building a career in archaeology has also been added which explores the careers of five archaeologists, giving an insight into the practice of archaeology in different fields and in different parts of the world. &#034-The most complete, wide-ranging and usable archaeological textbook in the world to date&#034-. (&#034-The Times Higher Education Supplement&#034-).show more

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