Backyard Chickens : How to Keep Happy Hens DOWNLOAD PDF/ePUB [Dave Ingham]

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Author: Dave Ingham
ISBN-10: 1743367554
ISBN-13: 9781743367551
File format:
Release date: 03 Jul 2018

Keeping a few hens in the backyard used to be habit of only those who lived in rural areas, migrants and hippies. Now it’s mainstream and an attractive proposition for those even in urban settings. Fluffy little recycling units that eat weeds, kitchen scraps and turn them into organic eggs – what’s not to love? Chickens are great backyard pets for young and old and a natural extension for anyone who has a veggie patch. Especially for those who like eggs but are concerned about the welfare of hens in the commercial egg industry. This book is a perfect reference for those already keeping chickens in the backyard or a perfect gift for the absolute beginner thinking about getting a few chooks. Offering advice on how to start, what’s the commitment, housing, feed and more

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