Because They Hate : A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America DOWNLOAD PDF/ePUB [Brigitte Gabriel]

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Author: Brigitte Gabriel
ISBN-10: 0312358385
ISBN-13: 9780312358389
File format:
Release date: 04 Dec 2009

A New York Times bestseller, &#034-Because They Hate&#034- is a political wake-up call told through a very personal memoir frame. Brigitte Gabriel lost her childhood to militant Islam. In 1975, she was ten years old and living in Southern Lebanon when militant Muslims from throughout the Middle East poured into her country and declared jihad against the Lebanese Christians. &#034-Because They Hate&#034- warns that the U.S. is threatened by fundamentalist Islamic theology in the same way Lebanon was – radical Islam will stop at nothing short of domination of all non-Muslim countries. Gabriel saw this mission start in Lebanon, and she refuses to stand by silently while it happens in America. Gabriel sees in the West a lack of understanding and a blatant ignorance of the ways and thinking of the Middle East. She also points out mistakes the West has made in consistently underestimating the single-mindedness with which fundamentalist Islam has pursued its goals over the past thirty years.Fiercely articulate and passionately committed, &#034-Because They Hate&#034- tells Gabriel’s personal story as well as outlines the history, social movements, and religious divisions that have led to this critical historical more

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