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Author: Faye Dowling
ISBN-10: 1856697002
ISBN-13: 9781856697002
File format:
Size: 548,86 kB
Release date: 07 Sep 2011

The skull is one of the most recognizable symbols of today’s contemporary visual culture. Adorning T-Shirts, badges and rock memorabilia as the ultimate symbol of anarchy and rebellion, the image of the skull has found its way into the vocabulary of urban life. In response to this cultural phenomenon, The Book of Skulls presents a cool visual guide to the skull, charting its rebirth through music and street fashion to become today’s ultimate anti-establishment icon. From the Grateful Dead to skater punk graffiti, from high-couture to Damien Hirst, this book is the ultimate collection of cool and unusual skull motifs. Packaged in an amazing ‘skeleton’ binding and drawing together artwork from music, fashion, street art and graphic design, The Book of Skulls is a celebration of one of today’s most iconic cultural more

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