Choosing Happiness : Life and Soul Essentials DOWNLOAD PDF/ePUB [Stephanie Dowrick]

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Author: Stephanie Dowrick
ISBN-10: 1585425826
ISBN-13: 9781585425822
File format:
Size: 617,99 kB
Release date: 10 Jan 2008

Winner of the 2009 Silver Nautilus Award representing Better Books for a Better WorldThe message of this book is very simple: Right now, you can be happier!More things wont do it. Even a great relationship may not save you. In Choosing Happiness the focus is on the only place where real change can happen: in how you see yourself and relate to other people. The book uses practical guidance and warm, realistic inspiration to show clearly that while you can’t always choose what happens in your life, you can choose your responses, values and behaviors ? and the results are life changing.Choosing Happiness offers skills and insights across all areas, from your most intimate relationships to your friendships, extended family, work, and community. Psychologically positive and astute, it also looks at the big spiritual questions that let you value your life rather than just spending it. Small changes bring big results. Beautifully packaged, with a flexibind spine and a red ribbon placeholder, this book is like the wise, kind friend you can’t wait to return to again and again.&#034-show more

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