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Author: Ferdinand F. Fournies
ISBN-10: 0071352937
ISBN-13: 9780071352932
File format:
Release date: 06 Dec 1999

Managing employees in today’s rapidly evolving workplace can sometimes feel like negotiating a minefield. Such recent new trends as flextime, telecommting, 360-degree feedback, the flattening of hierarchies, and the increased use of temps and contract workers present tough new challenges for supervisors in every field. This timely, completely revised and updated edition of Ferdinand Fournies’s classic management coaching &#034-bible&#034- shows you proven ways to get workers to perform at the highest level while eliminating the self-destructive kinds of behaviors that have become increasingly prevalent in recent years.In this book, you’ll be taught specific face-to-face interventions you can use to enhance performance in every kind of workplace situation–from sales to creative brainstorming. There are also interventions uniquely suited to resolving problems ranging from low productivity to absenteeism to conflicts between individuals. You’ll learn precisely what to say and do so that each person you supervise will want to give you his or her best work–even when that person was previously thought to be a &#034-problem employee.&#034- Packed with brand-new case studies from Fournies’s latest research into the dynamics of the modern workplace, this classic guide takes all the guesswork out of becoming the kind of inspired, &#034-hands-on&#034- manager that every company today is looking for!show more

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