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Author: G.K. Hendricks
ISBN-10: 0553354116
ISBN-13: 9780553354119
File format:
Size: 817,82 kB
Release date: 01 Jun 1994

Here is a powerful new program that can clear away the unconscious agreements patterns that undermine even your best intentions. Through their own marriage and through twenty years’ experience counseling more than one thousand couples, therapists Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks have developed precise strategies to help you create a vital partnership and enhance the energy, creativity, and happiness of each individual. You will learn how to: Let go of power struggles and need for control- Balance needs for closeness and separateness- Increase intimacy by telling the &#034-microscopic truth&#034– Communicate in a positive way that stops arguments- Make agreements you can keep- Allow more pleasure into your life. Addressed to individuals as well as to couples, &#034-Conscious Loving&#034- will heal old hurts and deepen your capacity for enjoyment, security, and enduing love. &#034-I consider Gay and Kathlyn to be my teachers. I encourage you to buy this book and use it to the hilt.&#034–John Bradshaw.&#034-Gay and Kathlyn’s book offers invaluable insights into the real workings of making a lasting, breakthrough commitment.&#034—Bonnie Raitt, singer-songwritershow more

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