David Busch’s Nikon D90 Guide to Digital SLR Photography DOWNLOAD PDF/ePUB [David Busch]

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Author: David Busch
ISBN-10: 1598639056
ISBN-13: 9781598639056
File format: ibooks.kindle.djvu.epub.pdf.mobi
Release date: 07 Aug 2009

Welcome to the D90, Nikon’s newest full-featured-yetcompact and affordable-digital SLR camera. David Busch’sNikon D90 Guide to Digital SLR Photography shows youhow to maximize your camera’s robust feature set, blazing fast automaticfocus, the real-time preview system Live View, HDTV movie-makingcapabilities, and the Retouch mode that allows you to edit your picturein the camera, to take outstanding photos. You’ll learn how, when, and,most importantly, why to use each of the cool features and functions ofyour camera to take eye-popping photographs. Introductory chapters willhelp you get comfortable with the basics of your camera before you diveright into exploring creative ways to apply the Nikon D90’s exposuremodes, focus controls, and electronic flash options. You’ll also find loadsof helpful information and tips on choosing lenses, flash units, andsoftware products to use with your new camera. Beautiful, full-colorimages illustrate where the essential buttons and dials are, so you’llquickly learn how to use your Nikon D90, and use it like a pro!show more

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