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Author: Julia Donaldson
ISBN-10: 1447273400
ISBN-13: 9781447273400
File format:
Size: 643,78 kB
Release date: 23 Mar 2015

Poor old Fox has lost his socks–can you help him find them? Are they in the kitchen or under the stairs? Are they inside the clock or hidden in a chest? Lift the flaps and find out! With sturdy flaps on every spread and rhyming stories that are a joy to read aloud, the Tales From Acorn Wood have been delighting both parents and toddlers for over fifteen years. Celebrate their unending appeal with Tales From Acorn Wood: Fox’s Socks, a beautifully produced board book with a gorgeous shiny-foiled cover look. From Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, the award-winning creators of The more

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