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Author: Tim Wilson
ISBN-10: 1845335589
ISBN-13: 9781845335588
File format:
Size: 636,58 kB
Release date: 01 May 2011

Tim Wilson and Fran Warde have teamed up to create this comprehensive reference work and inspirational collection of recipes. For each type of meat, the book recommends the best breeds, advises which cuts suit which style of cooking and tells you what to ask your butcher in order to buy the best quality. There are more than 100 recipes arranged according to season, from Sticky citrus-marinated pork chops in April through Moroccan chicken with preserved lemons in July to Slow-baked herb-crusted leg of mutton in December. Through monthly farm diaries, the book also reveals what life is really like on a thriving British farm. Packed with specially commissioned photographs taken on the farm as well as in the kitchen by renowned photographer Kristin Perers, this is a uniquely beautiful and useful more

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