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Author: Mary Fernald
ISBN-10: 0486449068
ISBN-13: 9780486449067
File format: pdf.epub.mobi.ibooks.djvu
Size: 168,96 kB
Release date: 23 Jun 2006

This practical and informative guidebook is a -must-have- for anyone planning to create accurate period costumes for theatrical productions and historical reenactments. From short tunics worn by Saxon men in the fifth century to a lady’s bustle dress of the late 1800s, this profusely illustrated text contains a wealth of authentic patterns. Information on pattern sizes, materials required, and methods of sewing accompany simply drawn diagrams for Elizabethan doublets, capes, and trunks- a man’s coat and vest from the Restoration period- a lady’s bell-shaped gown of the eighteenth century- an early-nineteenth-century empire gown- a crinoline- and other wardrobe items.Diagrams have been carefully and accurately drawn to scale from working patterns, and detailed notes for making costumes include suggestions for the most suitable colors and textures to be used for costumes of particular historical periods. A final section includes diagrams and information for creating period headdresses, caps, and hoods. Students of costume design, home tailors, and community drama groups will welcome this carefully researched guide to fifteen centuries of English fashions.show more

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