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Author: Caitriona Perry
ISBN-10: 0717179532
ISBN-13: 9780717179534
File format:
Size: 644,39 kB
Release date: 28 Jan 2018

As RTE’s Washington Correspondent, Caitriona Perry has earned a reputation as a reliable source of truth as the world tries to make sense of the maelstrom of shocking headlines emanating from Donald Trump’s America. In her first book, she goes beyond the news reports and delves into the American heartland where she witnessed his rise at first hand, while others were blindsided by his victory.Bringing to the table the voices of those who voted for President Trump, Hillary Clinton’s so-called ‘basket of deplorables’, the ones whose opinions didn’t coalesce with acceptable mainstream discourse, Caitriona Perry reveals just what is really happening in America right now.This is the story of the American people who were angry and disillusioned by traditional politics. It is the story of the workers of the industrial heartland, of the women of America, of immigrant communities, of the people who viewed a wealthy businessman from the city of New York as ‘one of us’. This is the story of the people who shook the world.’A tour-de-force analysis of the current state of play in American politics.’ Larry Donnelly, political commentator and Lecturer in the School of Law at NUIG`Spellbindingly good. Journeying across America, Caitriona Perry masterfully takes us into the hearts and minds of those who voted for Donald Trump. A triumph of a book.’ Prof. Gary Murphy, Head of the School of Law and Government, DCU’In America brings us right into the heart and soul of Trump’s presidency, seen through the prism of decent Americans as they sip coffee in diners or make tea in Irish centres. From the Mexico border to the Oval Office, Caitriona Perry brings us to the coalface of one of the most tempestuous and extraordinary opening periods of any presidency in modern memory.’ Ryan Tubridy`This entertaining and insightful travelogue, through its attention to detail of both place and people, lays bare both the death and residual power of the American Dream.’ Liam Kennedy`Bringing us vivid voices from Trump country, and exploring the emotional landscape in which his campaign took root, this book deepens our understanding of the Trump phenomenon.’ Former Irish Ambassador to the US`The hopes, contradictions and beliefs of Trump voters brilliantly told – a necessary and insightful book!’ Joe Duffy`In my visits to Ireland since the 2016 election, the most frequent question I get is `how could that happen?’ Caitriona Perry answers it honestly and candidly as only someone who takes the time to understand could.’ Cody Keenan, Chief Speechwriter to President Barack Obama`A genuinely fascinating chance to meet the most and least likely Trump voters and find out why his election was ultimately bound to happen.’ Rick O’Sheashow more

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