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Author: Kate Holden
ISBN-10: 1841959316
ISBN-13: 9781841959313
File format:
Release date: 25 Jan 2007

I watched the glaze of headlights, the windscreens of oncoming cars: a series of trapezoids with the silhouette of a single male driver. One pulled up in front of me- I reached over and opened the door, slid in. The smell of an unfamiliar car. A middle-aged man looking at me. ‘Hi,’ I said. ‘How are you’. Kate Holden is accustomed to being summed up at a glance: arts graduate, history buff, middle-class daughter, dreamer, innocent. But she is a young woman who understands better than most the secrets that people keep hidden. In My Skin follows her journey from her reputation as a ‘good girl’ in the safe and leafy suburbs of Melbourne to the all-consuming attractions of heroin and the sex industry. This is a story of survival and resourcefulness- an unflinching look at the consequences of addiction. Holden’s journey leads her from a sheltered life in her loving family home to a world of sex for money – a seedy netherworld of back lanes, backseats and brothels. More than just a fearless and compelling narrative, In My Skin is a triumphant announcement of a major new literary more

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