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Author: Gwen Russell
ISBN-10: 1844549445
ISBN-13: 9781844549443
File format:
Release date: 09 Jul 2010

Jeremy Clarkson found fame and fortune at the wheel of trailblazing BBC motoring series Top Gear. With its worldwide audience of over 250 million viewers, the show has garnered him praise and condemnation in equal measure for his forthright views on cyclists, environmentalists and road-safety campaigners. From causing traffic chaos on the roads of London to fisticuffs with Piers Morgan, driving ‘fast and recklessly’ through the Lincolnshire countryside – an area with one of the worst road death rates in Europe – to being on the receiving end of a meringue pie when he collected an honorary degree from Brunel University, Clarkson has lived life at breakneck speed. In this must-read biography for any Clarkson fan, his frank views and hilariously candid anecdotes appear alongside the vivid details of his remarkable life more

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