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Author: Jennifer Niederst Robbins
ISBN-10: 1449319270
ISBN-13: 9781449319274
File format: epub.pdf.mobi.djvu.ibooks
Size: 942,51 kB
Release date: 07 Sep 2012

HTML just keeps evolving, and web designers need to know how to combine it with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript to build today’s striking and useful sites. The explosion of browser support for HTML5 has driven new lines of innovation, but designers need to know which parts of HTML5 are ready now and how to work through their strengths and weaknesses. Learning Web Design provides a no-nonsense guide to the maze of options novice designers face, offering clear advice for creating attractive web sites and applications. Everything you need to know to create professional web sites is right here. You’ll start at the beginning – learning how the Web and web pages work – and build your knowledge from there. By the end of the book, you’ll have the skills to create multi-column CSS layouts with optimized graphic files, and you’ll know how to get your pages up on the Web. This thoroughly revised edition teaches you how to build web sites according to modern design practices and professional standards. It includes exercises to help you to learn various techniques, and short quizzes to make sure you’re up to speed with key concepts.If you’re interested in web design, Learning Web Design is the place to start.show more

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