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Author: Marie-Noelle Horvath
ISBN-10: 0823015041
ISBN-13: 9780823015047
File format:
Size: 686,92 kB
Release date: 04 Sep 2008

In &#034-Little Felted Animals&#034-, author Marie-Noelle Horvath shows how to make adorable little miniature animals, using just a few simple tools and some wool roving. Featured animals include birds, bears, cats, dogs, mice, a fox, a sheep, a seal and a bunny and make great gifts or decorations. Beautifully photographed in their natural habitats, these 16 gorgeous creations will melt the heart of every crafter.Marie-Noelle Horvath is a fashion and home accessories designer who has worked for such companies as Agnes B, DMC and Phildar, as well as for Marie-Claire Idees and other crafts and home decorating magazines. She lives in Lyon, France. Richard Boutin is a commercial photographer based in Paris, more

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