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Author: Greg Daly
ISBN-10: 1408103761
ISBN-13: 9781408103760
File format:
Size: 342,29 kB
Release date: 01 Aug 2011

A lustre is a thin layer of metal which is deposited onto the surfaceof the pot during firing producing a lustrous surface. Lustres are very sought after, fabulous surfaces which can lure you in and keep you spellbound. Lustres canbe coloured as golds, coppers, reds and blues, or have a colourless sheen likemother of pearl. Lustre is a very tricky technique offering spectacular results, but it can bequite difficult to achieve successfully, and this handbook aims toexplain and simplify the process, with thorough coverage of all theoptions. The book covers recipes for making your own lustres andtechniques for applying and firing (all critical factors), as well as showing you the results of the author’s extensive testing to help point you in the right direction. Today one of themost commonly used lustres is a resin lustre (known as the ‘commercial’lustre) which also contains some appalling thinners which are knowncarcinogens. There is therefore an advantage to making your ownusing more natural materials. This handbook covers every lustre thatcan be made, with recipes and kiln more

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