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Author: Mark Nixon
ISBN-10: 1419710125
ISBN-13: 9781419710124
File format:
Size: 475,17 kB
Release date: 17 Mar 2014

Award-winning Dublin-based portrait photographer Mark Nixon has created a wonderful, whimsical and nostalgic collection of images of individual stuffed animals that have been lovingly abused from years of play. &#034-The well-worn toys show battle scars of being the prized possessions of children and cherished companions that have seen many a repair as different parts start wearing down,&#034- says Nixon. An exhibit in the photographer’s professional studio led to a small sensation on the Internet when a few of the images circulated unofficially on scores of blogs and on many legitimate news sites. Viewers have been intrigued by these funny, bittersweet images and their ironic juxtaposition of childhood innocence and aged, loving wear & tear. When you see these teddy bears and bunnies with missing noses and un-done stuffing, you can’t help but think back to childhood and it earliest companions who asked for nothing and gave a lot back. MuchLoved includes sixty 4-colour portraits along with an accompanying background story for each more

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