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Author: Justina Blakeney
ISBN-10: 1617691518
ISBN-13: 9781617691515
File format:
Size: 427,55 kB
Release date: 28 May 2015

In The New Bohemians, LA-based interior designer Justina Blakeney defines the New Bohemians, creative individuals who are boutique owners and bloggers, entrepreneurs and ex-pats, artists and urban farmers. They embrace free-spirited, no-rules lifestyles and apply that attitude to all areas of their existence, including their homes. Allowing little serious distinction between work and play, the new boho home is also often an office, art gallery, showroom, photography studio, restaurant, and pop-up shop.The New Bohemians explores 20 homes located primarily on the East and West coasts. Exclusive interviews with the owners, as well as 12 DIY projects created by Blakeney and inspired by the inhabitants, offer insight into achieving this aesthetic. In addition, each home is accompanied by &#034-Adopt a Look,&#034- a section offering general decor, styling, and shopping tips for easy duplication in your own more

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