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Author: Lucy Malouf
ISBN-10: 1742708420
ISBN-13: 9781742708423
File format:
Size: 931,95 kB
Release date: 25 Nov 2014

The Middle East – from North Africa and Moorish Spain, through Turkey, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan to Iran and the Arabian Peninsula – has long had a vibrant tradition of home-style vegetarian cuisine – from their abundant fresh salads, dips and breads to a diverse collection of delicious and hearty main meals. Based on the freshest ingredients and cooked from the heart, Greg and Lucy Malouf’s recipes are designed for sharing and enjoying in company. Their approach to vegetarian food comes from their love of traditional Middle Eastern flavour combinations and the importance of colour and texture. The recipes are new interpretations of Middle Eastern Food, inspired by the spirit of generosity and sharing that characterises the region. Think Glazed apple-raisin fritters, zucchini blossom and preserved lemon risotto with ricotta and parmesan or Griddled broccolini with almonds and harissa butter. With sections dedicated to butters and preserves, cooked vegetable dishes, dips and spreads, pickles and relishes, pastries, pastas, salads, grains and legumes – this is a beautiful cookbook for anyone wanting to take vegetarian cuisine to new, flavoursome heights. Full of stunning photography of food and scenery, New Feast offers a rich and diverse compendium of recipes in a beautiful, cloth-bound more

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