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Author: Eric Morris
ISBN-10: 096297093X
ISBN-13: 9780962970931
File format:
Size: 389,57 kB
Release date: 01 Apr 1995

A collection of 125 acting exercises that are based on journal excerpts and dialogues from Mr. Morris’ classes. These exercises teach the actor to systematically eliminate his or her instrumental obstacles — tensions, fears, inhibitions — and explore the &#034-being&#034- state, where the actor does no more and no less than what he or she feels. As the title indicates, many of the techniques herein address the actor’s need to avoid falling into the traps of concept and presentational acting. There is also a complete chapter on sense memory — what it is, and how to practice it and apply it as an acting tool. Co-authored by Joan Hotchkis, and with a Foreword by Jack more

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