Nothing But the Truth : My Story DOWNLOAD PDF/ePUB [Vicky Pattison]

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Author: Vicky Pattison
ISBN-10: 0751557005
ISBN-13: 9780751557008
File format:
Size: 358,26 kB
Release date: 01 Oct 2015

CHECK OUT THE NEW AND UPDATED EDITION, OUT ON 3RD MARCH! (9780751565447)Vicky Pattison always had big dreams, but four years ago she was working in a call centre in Newcastle and those dreams looked like they might never come true. Could a new reality series, Geordie Shore, be the big break she had been waiting for? Chosen from among thousands of hopefuls to take part in the controversial show, outspoken and outrageous Vicky was an immediate hit. Finally she was on her way to becoming a star . . .Living your life on screen isn’t always easy, however, and Vicky soon found herself struggling to cope: her relationship was toxic, her weight ballooning and her self-esteem in tatters. It looked like the glamorous and confident Vicky Pattison everyone knew was gone for good.But you can’t keep a good Geordie girl down and now Vicky will reveal how she has turned her life around and come out fighting. Now updated to include all the latest drama from the Geordie Shore house – including Vicky’s shock departure – and her exciting plans for the future.It’s time for Vicky Pattison to tell the truth, the whole truth and NOTHING BUT THE more

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