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Author: Virginia Andrews
ISBN-10: 0007443153
ISBN-13: 9780007443154
File format:
Size: 112,97 kB
Release date: 01 Sep 2011

The bestselling phenomenon of the Dollanganger family saga continues as the children who escaped the attic build new lives, haunted by their tragic past.Their captivity in their grandparents’ attic is finally over.But revenge is a torment they cannot escape…The Dollanganger children are trying to rebuild their lives after suffocating for so long in the terrifying darkness of the attic. The siblings must put aside their past and learn to love and dream again, in order to find their rightful place in the world.Still, dreams of happiness and success are easily crowded out by thoughts of vengeance. Cathy is determined to make those responsible for destroying their childhood pay, from the grandmother who tormented them to the mother who abandoned them.Disturbing, lavishly written gothic romance at its finest, Petals on the Wind is the second book in the best-selling Dollanganger saga, still as engrossing today as it was when it first more

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