Practical Mindfulness : A step-by-step guide DOWNLOAD PDF/ePUB [DK]

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Author: DK
ISBN-10: 0241206545
ISBN-13: 9780241206546
File format:
Release date: 01 Sep 2015

Practical Mindfulness offers an easy way of taking control of your life for the better. Focusing on simple breathing techniques, meditation tips and relaxation methods, this unique book will improve your concentration and help you achieve success.An innovative Q&A approach ensures that the process is personalised to you, enabling you to identify negative patterns of thinking and challenge them using well-respected exercises. Providing expert clarity through step-by-step guidance and visual pointers, the subject material is brought to life. The targeted exercises will help you boost your self-esteem, build better relationships, learn more effectively and distance yourself from damaging emotions using real-life scenarios. Practical Mindfulness is a life-changing programme that will teach you to relax, give you the self-confidence to succeed and rid you of the anxiety that holds you more

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