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Author: Rudolf Steiner
ISBN-10: 1855841878
ISBN-13: 9781855841871
File format:
Size: 219,47 kB
Release date: 30 Aug 2004

Although these lectures were given to teachers as preparatory material, they are by no means concerned only with education. Study of Man is Steiner’s most succinct presentation of his human-centred spiritual psychology, accessible to anyone interested in the riddles of human existence. His approach is unique in that it takes account not only of influences working into humanity from the past, but also of future states of consciousness and being. Reprinted here in the original ‘classic’ Harwood/Fox translation, the lectures were delivered in 1919 to the teachers of the Waldorf school in Stuttgart, the first to be founded on the work of Rudolf Steiner. Over the years, since the exponential growth of Steiner education around the world, this volume has become the basic study text for teachers in Steiner schools. But as well as providing a grounding for the work of educators, Study of Man will be of keen interest to parents, counsellors, psychologists, and students of Steiner’s philosophy. For the latter, this volume provides a fundamental picture of the human being according to the anthroposophical understanding of the more

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