The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test DOWNLOAD PDF/ePUB [Tom Wolfe]

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Author: Tom Wolfe
ISBN-10: 0552993662
ISBN-13: 9780552993661
File format:
Size: 814,82 kB
Release date: 12 Aug 2009

I looked around and people’s faces were distorted…lights were flashing everywhere…the screen at the end of the room had three or four different films on it at once, and the strobe light was flashing faster than it had been…the band was playing but I couldn’t hear the music…people were dancing…someone came up to me and I shut my eyes and with a machine he projected images on the back of my eye-lids…I sought out a person I trusted and he laughed and told me that the Kool-Aid had been spiked and that I was beginning my first LSD experience…show more

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