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Author: Peter Haining
ISBN-10: 1845296885
ISBN-13: 9781845296889
File format:
Size: 453,45 kB
Release date: 16 Oct 2008

This giant collection includes a huge range of 20th-century first-hand accounts of hauntings, such as the American troops who repeatedly saw the ghosts of a dead platoon of men while on patrol in Vietnam- and the witnessed haunting of a house near Tintagel in Cornwall that led actress Kate Winslet to pull out of buying the property.It covers the full spectrum of credible hauntings, from poltergeists (the noisy, dangerous and frightening spirits that are usually associated with pubescent girls, like the Bell Witch), to phantoms (like the Afrits of Saudi Arabia) and seduction spirits (such as the Lorelei, which have lured German men to death).Also included are the notes of the most famous ghost hunters of the twentieth century such as Hans Holzer, Susy Smith (USA)- Harry Price, Jenny Randles (UK)- Joyce Zwarycz (Australia), Eric Rosenthal (South Africa), and Hwee Tan (Japan). Plus essays by such names as Robert Graves, Edgar Cayce, and M. R. James outlining their own – often extraordinary – conclusions as to just what ghosts might be- along with a full bibliography and list of useful resources.Praise for MBO Haunted House Stories:’A first rate list of contributors … Hair raising!’ Time Out’All we need say is buy it.’ Starlogshow more

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