The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark DOWNLOAD PDF/ePUB [Jill Tomlinson]

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Author: Jill Tomlinson
ISBN-10: 1405201770
ISBN-13: 9781405201773
File format:
Size: 318,87 kB
Release date: 01 Sep 2000

A gorgeously illustrated picture book edition of the beloved classic children’s story about overcoming fears.Plop, the baby barn owl, is like every barn owl there ever was, except for one thing – he is afraid of the dark! Mrs Barn Owl sends him down from the nest-hole to find out more about the dark, and on his travels he meets a little boy who shows him fireworks, a black cat who takes him exploring, a little girl who tells him about Father Christmas and many others. It’s not long before Plop finds out that DARK IS SUPER!A comforting story filled with gentle humour and Paul Howard’s warm and soothing illustrations, Jill Tomlinson’s The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark has been enjoyed for decades by parents and children who want to snuggle down with a good read. Perfect for kids aged 2+Jill Tomlinson never intended to be a writer. She trained as an opera singer, and then decided to have a family whilst her voice matured. But illness intervened, and she had to find another outlet for her energies. She started on a journalism course, and by the third lesson decided she wanted to write for children. So she did! Jill Tomlinson’s bestselling animal stories have been adored by children the world over for nearly four decades.Paul Howard is an extraordinarily talented artist who has illustrated many award-winning books from authors such as Allan Ahlberg, Jeanne Willis and Michael Rosen, which have delighted children and adults alike across the more

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