Where Men Win Glory : The Odyssey of Pat Tillman DOWNLOAD PDF/ePUB [Jon Krakauer]

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Author: Jon Krakauer
ISBN-10: 030738604X
ISBN-13: 9780307386045
File format: pdf.epub.mobi.ibooks.djvu
Release date: 24 Jan 2012

This edition has been updated to reflect new developments and includes new material obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. Pat Tillman walked away from a multimillion-dollar NFL contract to join the Army and became an icon of post-9/11 patriotism. When he was killed in Afghanistan two years later, a legend was born. But the real Pat Tillman was much more remarkable, and considerably more complicated than the public knew… A stunning account of a remarkable young man’s heroic life and death, from the bestselling author of Into the Wild, Into Thin Air, and Under the Banner of Heaven.show more

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