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Author: Hugh Honour
ISBN-10: 1856695840
ISBN-13: 9781856695848
File format:
Size: 437,69 kB
Release date: 08 Oct 2009

Since its first publication this book has been hailed as the most up-to-date and wide-ranging history of art ever published in a single volume. This quote from Andrew Graham Dixon describes the book: ‘Spanning continents and millennia, ranging from man’s earliest cave paintings to the works of Picasso and beyond, this is a hugely ambitious book. But thanks to the breadth of their scholarship, the depth of their enthusiasm and the enviable freshness of their writing, Honor and Fleming triumphantly accomplish the herculean task they have set themselves. Sympathetically expanded by Michael Archer, who brings the story forward into the twenty-first century, this thumping slab of tome is without doubt the most compelling total history of art ever written’. This Revised Seventh Edition expands the original coverage by embracing new developments in archeology and art historical research, and in particular contemporary art historian Michael Archer has greatly expanded the authors discussion of the art world over the past two decades, providing a new perspective on the latest developments shaping our cultural more

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