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Author: Toby Wilkinson
ISBN-10: 0141395958
ISBN-13: 9780141395951
File format: pdf.epub.mobi.ibooks.djvu
Size: 816,72 kB
Release date: 03 Jan 2017

‘Man perishes- his corpse turns to dust- all his relatives pass away. But writings make him remembered’In ancient Egypt, words had magical power. Inscribed on tombs and temple walls, coffins and statues, or inked onto papyri, hieroglyphs give us a unique insight into the life of the Egyptian mind. For this remarkable new collection, Egyptologist Toby Wilkinson has freshly translated a rich and diverse range of ancient Egyptian writings into modern English, including tales of shipwreck and wonder, first-hand accounts of battles and natural disasters, obelisk inscriptions, mortuary spells, funeral hymns, songs, satires and advice on life from a pharaoh to his son. Spanning over two millennia, with many pieces appearing in a general anthology for the first time, this is the essential guide to a complex, sophisticated culture. Translated with an introduction by Toby Wilkinsonshow more

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