Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life DOWNLOAD PDF/ePUB [Vimala Rodgers]

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Author: Vimala Rodgers
ISBN-10: 0684865416
ISBN-13: 9780684865416
File format:
Size: 654,48 kB
Release date: 17 Jul 2000

YOUR HANDWRITING CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE is a do-it-yourself, step-by-step approach to transforming the commonplace activity of writing into an easy and effective self-help therapy. A graphic representation of the mental tendencies that shape our thinking, our handwriting naturally changes when our lives are dramaticcally altered. Now vimla Rodgers demonstrates that the reverse is also true- when we purposefully change our handwriting, we develop new, more positive attitudes toward life. In this new book the author teaches readers how to read between, around and right into the lines they pen and how to write their way to a better more

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